swiftlink, disk image transfer

From: Christopher Phillips (cphillips_at_reflectionsinteractive.com)
Date: 2001-09-05 12:50:56

Greetings all.

I've currently got my c64 linked to my mac via a swiftlink cartridge and a
USB to serial adaptor.  I have succesfully tranfered a file using Novaterm
9.1's XModem transfer.  What I would like to do, is archive about 40 floppys
as .d64 images, while writing as little software as I can possibly get away
with :-)

Has anyone come across a swiftlink compatible tool that will read an entire
disk sector by sector and send it as a single via XModem,YModem,Zmodem or
Kermit so I can just save the recieved file as a .d64?

I know there are tools on the c64 that crunch disk images down into four
flat files (can't remember the name of the format) that I could transfer one
at a time, but that would require three times as much work, compared to
inserting a disk, typing in a filename at the recieving end, and hitting
'send' on the c64.

Otherwise I guess I will have to remember how to write disk access routines
and get to know the serial routines from the Fridge, and either wrap my head
around XModem or write a python script to receive some raw data + a


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