Re: Differences between VIC 20 and VIC 20 CR motherboards

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Date: 2001-08-29 12:13:26

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Subject: RE: Differences between VIC 20 and VIC 20 CR motherboards

> * Power supply is 9V AC only on the first, the CR has the C64 Power
> connector and hence has 5VDC and 9VAC available

Yes, I know that.

> * memory is changed from 2114 (1k x 4bit) chips to 6116 (2k x 8bit)

Ah, I didn't know that :-)
In fact, on the schematic reported on a manual I have got (VIR REVEALED
by Nick Hampshire) the RAM is reported to be composed by 2114s only. My
VIC 20 CR has got three 2114s and a couple of 6116 (or equivalent, I
don't remember the exact code) instead.

> That's as far as I can remember was visually different.

Thank you.

> I have some very poor pictures of the two boards (captured from video
tape -
> no digital camera), they are at home, so if I remember I can email thm
> tomorrow.

If you can, it will be fine. Thank you, again!
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