Re: C128D to SVGA

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2001-08-25 15:13:19

> > > [hacking a C= 2320]
> > > That type of cards take a 18bit digital RGB input and a clock
> > > signal and put it out scandoubled as analog RGB.
> > should be almost as simple as soldering some wires.. Maybe I
> > should make an adapter for my already existing cable if I ever
> > have a couple of idle hours and feel like it.

And it seems to work.. :-) RGBI and syncs from the 80-column
connector, +5V and dot clock from cartridge port, put it all
into A2320 and we have a doublescanned picture. I connected
R->R3+R2 G->G3+G2 B->B3+B2 and I->R1+R0+G1+G0+B1+B0.

The only problem now is that A2320 really needs the dot clock of
the 80-column chip instead of using the dot clock available in the
cartridge port. Because of the different timebase the picture has
some jitter. Maybe I should open the machine and try the 16MHz also..

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