VIC overheating bug (again)?

From: mykrowyre (
Date: 2001-08-24 18:38:11

Recently there was a thread about certain programming loops causing the VIC to
overheat.  I think everyone concluded that it wasn't true, but just last night
I was looking at the "Anime-tion" demo and the author described the VIC bug in
detail.  He mentioned that he was using a VIC bug to get 26 lines by using a
"READ and MODIFY" opcode which fooled the VIC chip into displaying one extra
line.  The drawback was that it caused a current spike which would eventually
overheat the VIC chip and possibly cause damage. He also described an "anti
damage" routine that examined 4 random number locations (which were somehow
related to vic's current draw) and if they averaged over a certain value for a
certain amount of time, it was concluded that the VIC was overheating and the
program aborted.

Is this the same bug we were discussing before, and is it real?


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