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Date: 2001-08-22 16:40:47

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From: "Marko Mäkelä" <>
> I was thinking of a somewhat simplified design.  First of all, I'd omit
> the "interrupt after transfer" feature, since it is pretty useless.  When
> it is enabled, the CPU will be interrupted right after the write command
> (to $df01 or $ff00) that initiated the transfer.  Also, I don't know if
> the verify and swap commands are worth the trouble.  I don't see how you
> could use an 8-input and gate in the verify operation.  Of course there
> are bigger logic chips than the 2064.  Maybe the 2096 would be big enough
> for implementing also an Action Replay like device in addition to a fully
> backwards compatible REU clone.
Marko Makela-

I would go for a bigger logic chip. A full REC emulation is needed to ensure
that no Commodore programs are 'broken' by less than 100% REC compatibility.
For example, GEOS uses the hardware SWAP feature, so it is indeed worth the

-Todd Elliott

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