Re: VIC 26 Lines Bug - Truth or Legend ?
Date: 2001-08-20 13:49:51

> > Ninja (the coder of the demo) was ofcourse JOKING in that demo... 
> ofcourse?

Yes :) he is a friend of mine. the crash in the demo is completely 
artificial. (a JOKE)

> > ofcourse the VIC doesn't overheat.. mostly becoz it is hardwired, 
> > meaning that is fetches a byte *anyway* wether it has to or not.
> Eh? The VIC doesn't fetch very much character data in the border,
> if you ask me. Never heard of badlines in the border.

I'm not talking about badlines or not... I'm talking about the fact that 
the VIC reads one byte each cycle. wether it needs to or not.

> It's not those 4% extra fetches that might be the issue, it's the way the
> VIC is fooled into doing them. One thing *is* clear, and that's that this
> effect isn't very stable. Often, it just crashes, because the memory isn't
> refreshed as it should anymore. The VIC is totally confused, and it might
> very well generate an internal bus conflict because of that. The VIC's
> innards are a bit clouded, there's no way to tell.

the memory refresh is not interupted. The VIC refreshes 5 bytes 
every line, and still does this in a bad line. Nothing will go wrong :-)

Furthermore.. If bad lines heat up a chip, loads full of 64's should've 
been destroyed by watching FLI pictures.


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