Re: VIC 26 Lines Bug - Truth or Legend ?
Date: 2001-08-20 11:52:56

Just about this demo :

Ninja (the coder of the demo) was ofcourse JOKING in that demo... 
ofcourse the VIC doesn't overheat.. mostly becoz it is hardwired, 
meaning that is fetches a byte *anyway* wether it has to or not. So 
displaying more gfx doesn't require more memory-fetches. Also it 
would be nonsense to think that displaying 26 instead of 25 lines 
(just 4% more) could possibly heat up the chip =)

hope this clears things up.

> Re 26 lines bug: I was referring to the Anime-Tion demo released at the
> Flag2000 party. MagerValp had a few words to say about that way. See
> the subthread of '6510 and 8500 differences' from early aug last
> year on this list. 

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