RE: Motherboard versions

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-07-27 08:46:57

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Raymond C. Bryan wrote:

> MOS used plastic packaging on most of its chips in the 64s except 656x
> video chips which are almost all ceramic and less susceptable to
> packaging failures.

This may be true for NTSC video chips, but in my experience, PAL video
chips have been mostly in plastic packaging since the 6569R3.  The first
revision, 6569R1, was probably packaged only in ceramic.  Of the 6569R3, I
have seen both plastic and ceramic version.  (I haven't seen an R2, and
according to the week/year and production run codes on the chips whose
data I've collected, it could have been around at most for some weeks.)
Of the 6569R4 and R5 and 85xx chips, I'm not sure if I have seen a ceramic

> 1571s used a leaf spring suspension for the upper read/write head that
> will tear and thus not put proper tension on the disk to read.  
> Especially this happened when the drives were left open (spring up) no
> disk in the drive!

So true.  Do you know of any easy fix for this?  Or does someone know
someone who works at a facility that could manufacture those springs for
next to nothing? :-) Metal parts are difficult to repair, especially


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