Re: Motherboard versions

From: Jason Petersen (
Date: 2001-07-27 02:11:03

>>Perhaps we could gather together some informal data on the relative
>>popularity of the well known CBM types.

>58% of my C64 machines are the brown bread box
>67% of the brown boxes work, 78% of the beige case models
>all of the SX models work - only have three though :)
>86% of the C128 machines work, though 25% I've repaired (bad RAM)
>90% of the C128D machines work
>43% of the VIC20 machines work (50% of the original PAL)
>16% of my C16/Plus4 machines (thanks to Ruud! for the CPU)

Hmm. Here's my statistics:

75% of my C64 boxes work (out of four; two repaired)
100% of my 64C boxes work (out of two; one repaired)
100% of my C128 boxes work (out of one)
100% of my SX-64 boxes work (out of two; one repaired)
50% of my VIC-20 boxes work (out of two)
0% of my C16 boxes work (out of one)

Doesn't look good for VIC-20's or TED machines, does it?

Jason Petersen

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