Re: Jeri videoboard gfxconv

From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-05-26 18:21:30


I think I know the solution.

Just in short:

- Generating color triads for each 8x4 blocks like before.
- Arrange all triads into 16 major groups. For that: first I quantize the
full color population (of all colors found in all 4x8 blocks) to 16 colors
(these will be the means of the 16 groups). Second: each color triads will
be grouped to either of the 16 above mean colors, depending on the sum of
the three differences between the mean color and each 3 colors.
- Quantizing all 16 major groups to 16 members.

For quantizing, I use the octree algorithm. (...Meanwhile, I remembered that
I indeed used some tricks for modelling human color perception better: in
the color distance calculation, the green component difference is taken into
account in full; red is divided by 2, while blue by 6. Could be better, but
it's quite O.K.).

Well, will have to implement the algorithm to see if it really works.

Thanks Christopher! :-)


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