RE: Jeri videoboard gfxconv

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2001-05-25 18:06:53

> From: Professor Dredd []
> Instead of cluttering up cbm-hackers and making people
> mad, would you like me to set up a seperate
> mailing-list for Jeri's project?

I was under the impression that the main objection people had
to discussions relating to Jeri's project was on the grounds
of the majority of them being wish-lists and dreaming, instead
of technical discussions about implementation.

This colour quantisation problem certainly doesn't fail on
those grounds, and is not unrelated to similar problems
relating to optimising images for i-fli display, etc.
Given that almost all of my commodore experience is with
c64, I find this much more closely related than any
vic-20 or c128 discussions.

But if there are still (say) two or three people who
do not feel that even technical discussions belong here,
I would happily move to another list.  Any objectors
please say 'aye!' 

Jeri; have you a name for your board yet? :-)

Prof. Dredd; thanks for your offer of setting up a
list should one seem necessary.  If you want to use
something like yahoogroups (formerly egroups) I will
happily co-moderate.

Christopher Jam.

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