Amps from userport?
Date: 2001-05-19 05:38:18

CB>Hi all,

CB>perhaps a stupid question,. I a certain that it is documented somewhere in
CB>my archive, but how much current can I draw from the user port of a breadbox
CB>C64.. and is it less or more than the newer versions C64?


My manual shows that the +5vdc as Max 100ma and the two 9vac lines as
Max 100ma each (it is sort of center tap to ground). No comercial device
I have seen ever drew near that much. On the other hand, you can draw
more, a servo driver board I saw ran half an amp on the +% line. And
someone ran a 12vdc fan off the 9vac lines with a full wave rectifier,
maybe 2 amps with no peoblems. It depends more on the power supply.
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