RE: C64 w/No Original Silicon!!!!
Date: 2001-05-12 06:33:55

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Jeri Ellsworth wrote:

> Hey,
> > Damn.  And you're up at 1:18 am.  What a trooper. :)
> Best time to work!
> > Next generation?  Heck.. an external SCSI port!
> I'm not sure about SCSI.  CMD already has a fantastic
> product there.

*cough*slow*cough*unsupported*cough*non-y2k*cough*highspeed port out of
production*cough*company evidently not wanting to deal with 8bitters
anymore*cough*no cdrom support*cough*too slow for cd writers*cough*

I wont go there.

> > What is the case going to look like?
> It's going to be ATX form factor.

I like.

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