Re: C64 w/No Original Silicon!!!!
Date: 2001-05-12 04:36:03

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Jeri Ellsworth wrote:

> Hi All,
>   Yesterday I successfully fired up a c64 compatible
> machine that has none of the original Commodore chips.

*gets off floor*

Ya know, there are times for words.. This isnt one.  Congrats, Jeri, on
breaking serious ground for furthering the commodore 64 into today's world.

>   I've recreated the CIA's, PLA, and VIC(I haven't tried the SID yet) in
> programmable logic.  It also uses a 65c816 that is asynchronous to the
> video, ps-2 mouse, keyboard, vga monitor, iec serial port and sdram.

And when will you be producing this for our purchase? (or will you give us
info to build our own??) :) 

>   At the risk of upsetting people on this list I would like some feedback
> on what people would like in a next generation C= compatible machine.

In the interest of not clogging the mail group I'll reply in private ;)

>   I will post some pictures tomorrow evening on my web site after I dig
> out the web cam.


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