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From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2001-05-10 17:20:36

> > As you probably noticed, I mentioned the ISA-bus. What about VLB or PCI? VLB
> > is outdated and rare. For PCI you need special chipsets, connectors and more
> > advanced tools to create a card. The card must be etched, handwiring is
> > because of the involved speeds out of the question. This project must be
> > kept in reach of hobbyists.
> > 
> > ### is above true about special chipset?
> Well, the PCI protocol is well defined, but not as easy to implement as the
> ISA bus. The *simplest* implementation I saw used an FPGA to do the actual
> interfacing to the PCI bus. PCI is defininately not a Geek Port.
> Well, PCI would be the ultimate goal - but it's not "available for the 
> common hobbyist" - the smallest problem being the rather tight layout of
> the PCI-connector. 
> Considering that ISA is a 'depricated' feature, emulating a SuperCPU will
> not be easy.
Go to .  There are people there working on a free 
PCI core.  Under CVS you will find the downloadable bits and there is a PCI 
developer mailing list.



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