Re: 1 or 2 MHz interrupt on PC

From: Christer Palm (
Date: 2001-05-07 22:21:50

MagerValp wrote:
> CP> At the highest interrupt level it would probably be possible, but
> CP> it would seriously hurt performance. It wouldn't be very useful.
> MvB> I wonder if it *is* possible, considering things like cache loss,
> MvB> busted pipelines, that kind of yadda-yadda.
> Agreed. On a 500 MHz CPU you'll get a maximum of about 500 instruc-
> tions per interrrupt, and the the interrupt latency including context
> switch is usually somewhere between 200-300 cycles, iirc.

Hmmm... yes, I was probably a bit too optimistic.

Christer Palm
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