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From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2001-05-03 11:49:25

Hmm. I wasn't really planning to reply to this, but considering that I felt
that I needed some sort of test-mail...

Steve Judd wrote:
> Guys,
> A humble request: could we return to technical discussions of personal
> Commodore projects, things upon which we are knowledgable or experienced,
> or otherwise hackerly subjects?

Well, the Jeri-board discussion had some interesting technical aspects,
IMHO. But, you're right, I suppose.

> Last time I checked, the only person who has actually contributed to
> Jeri's board -- time, effort, and physical work, not just words and
> pontifications -- is Jeri.

But doesn't that argument hold against any "personal Commodore project"? This
one just got a bit bigger. I know what you're hinting at, and I do agree
with you, but where does it start to get off-topic?

> This is starting to feel like comp.sys.cbm, not cbm-hackers.

Sadly, though, comp.sys.cbm has been 'degrading' in a certain way. The 
Joseph Rose Incident may have had an (undesired ?) side effect - the amount
of knowledgable people seems to have seriously dropped. Comp.emulators.cbm
is dying an even more evident death.

Martijn (Still working on that IEEE-to-IEC project, but finding very little
time to do so, and even less motivation to read the hieroglyphs called
"ANSI/IEEE Std 488.1-1987")
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