Re: Jeri board and extra things

From: Nate Dannenberg (
Date: 2001-05-03 09:36:18

> The only problem is maybe the lengh of the busses. We cannot equip this slot
> expander with buffers as we have no means to tell when the buffer should be
> activated and, more important, in what direction.

Use bus transceivers.  These are bi-directional buffers of a sort, with a
Read/Write direction line, which could be tied to the computer's R//W
line.  Cartridges use this line of course, to sense read/write operations,
and so the transceivers should, too.  As I understand it, the propagation
delay across these things is tiny enough to be of no real concern.  This
type of buffer/transceiver has an Output Enable line as well if I remember
right, which of course could just be tied active for most lines, such as
the address and data busses, the clock lines, and so on.

These little guys have a place in the Power SID project I'm trying to
build (never seem to find the time), and are there to elimiate some of the
noise the SID picks up from the rest of the bus when it's de-selected.

David: what was the part number for those transceivers you suggested for
PowerSID?  I don't have the plans handy.

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