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From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-05-02 20:55:53

Bah!  The only thing complicated is the number of posts.

Jeri, give us everything our little Commie minds could ever hope for, by the


Heck, we havn't even discussed the Cray emulation modes yet....

Seriously, your point is very well taken, but dreams like these have been a
favorite past-time for quite awhile, both here, and on comp.sys.cbm.  I hope
Jeri knows that, and knows that whatever cool little gizmo we get will
tickle us all to death.  When you spend your spare time coding on a 64k,
1mhz machine with 320x200, 16 color graphics, there is no such thing as a
disappointing advance.

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Hi All!

I think all this is "getting" a bit ridiculous, sorry to say that :-(. I'm
getting 20-30 e-mails a day on how people expect one single person to make
of their C= related dreams ever come true. Dreaming about fantastic things
good, and I also won't disclaim that brainstorming is a good way of
good ideas ;-), but do you think that such a complex thingy that you drew up
in your last posts will _ever make it to the manufacturing phase? Do you
people used to think (at least sometimes) of what you've written? I won't
disclaim Jeri's designing power, but just do a simple test: compare how a
relates to a C64, then compare how the 'computer' of your last ideas (if
a defined thing at all) relates to a C64 - then compare the number of
+ the involved money of both developments :-O. Add the fact that you're all
having different ideas in the details, then you can decide how far this
discussion went and how much odds you have to have this project finished.

I think the question is about a much simpler subject:

1: Will you stop confusing Jeri with tons of expectations or
2: you can probably expect her developments to be ended up without any final
products because of losing interest.

The final word is of course owned by her. I'm just afraid of confusion. Such
happens can easily drive single developers to abandon the project - then, in
the current case, you'll be stuck with your good-old 16 color VIC-II (OK
VIC-IIe + VDC for C128 owners) and won't get just her 'simplest' :-)
high-resolution, high color VIC-II replacement that is actually _finished_
_produced_. Once again, consider creating a _working_ video enhancement that
you all can _purchase_ (me not, since I'm rather from the other 'bit-banger'
flavour), in favour of creating vaporware.

Best regards,


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