Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Miika Seppanen (
Date: 2001-05-02 19:37:24

>the original Apple II. At what point did this family
>tree no longer produce Apple II computers?

Hmm... These were made by Apple. If Apple called them "Apple II", then they
are Apple II's. If Apple would have named the Macintosh also "Apple II",
then it would be an Apple II too. ;-) The manufacturer is the issue in my
point of view.

>That's exactly what were doing here with Jeri's
>project you see. We (well, Jeri really) are
>integrating discreet components and adding advanced
>hardware features.

Yes, but AFAIK Jeri is not the CBM (though that wouldn't be a bad thing,
right? ;-) Anyway, as I said, her board seems to be so appropriate extension
for the C64 (while still keeping most of the backward compatibility), that I
can happily consider such a C64 as "real thing." What to say about
completely new mainboard, I wouldn't call it a "real" C64. I guess this
thing depends very much of individual's own sight. And, of course, this
"maybe-not-so-real-C64-if-you-think-so" would be a very fascinating product
anyway, though as for myself, I'd prefer an expansion board.

>By the way, your definition excludes the C-128 from
>the C-64 family because the C-64 motherboard and
>keyboard are not present. The C-128 actually uses

Of course, because it's a C128, not C64. As more precisely, it's a REAL
C128... ;-)


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