Re: Video Card Update and VDC emulation

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2001-05-01 22:05:04

Hello all,

BZ> You ask "Why would anyone want VDC modes?  They suck!"

BZ> True enough about the VDC mode sucking, perhaps.  However, a very large
BZ> number of serious Commodore hobbiests have long abandoned their breadbox
BZ> C64's for C128s of various stripes.  The request for VDC video modes is for
BZ> one principle reason:  a dire hope for a C128 version of this card.

Compatibility is a good thing. But if you have C64 boosted with VDC
and MMU with +64K RAM, you have 90% of 1MHz version of C128 (except
firmware and Z80). Although if Jeri would fit 6502 and extra RAM/ROM onto
the board (together with VDC and MMU emulation), that seems equivalent
to C128 emulation on C64. That would be better than any SuperCPU. I think
Z80 and CP/M can be ignored w/o problems for most C= users.


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