RE: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-05-01 20:52:24


I really do understand. You don't want to lose the
ability to run C-128 software. I would like to keep
that compatibility as well.

Since it is unclear at this time whether and to what
degree Jeri's board will be compatible with the C-128,
there is no answer to that question. We'll have to
wait and see what Jeri comes out of her workshop with.
It's enough for me to know that she is aware of this

As to the User Port, I ASSUME (I suppose, I guess)
Jeri will emulate a 6526 at the Geek-port as well as
whatever else she feels like putting there. That means
that, given the right connector, you can do anything
there that you could do on the User Port.

Other things that might be fun to have at the
Geek-port would be:

all critical system signals
+/- 12v for powering external devices
alternate video signal(s)
analog input for sound/video digitizing
high-speed a/d converter for the analog input
Both NMI and IRQ
IEE signals for connecting PET peripherals
Alternate clock inputs to feed the system hardware
(and generally wreak havok)

Well, just a few ideas. Take 'em fer what they're
worth  ;)

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> I guess it doesn't matter overmuch, as long as we
> can use our existing
> Commodore peripherals.
> If a new machine required all new devices, with all
> new standards, requiring
> all new software, why would anyone want it, anyway? 
> It would just be a
> modern day Plus/4: less powerful than a PC, and not
> compatible with anything
> the base supporters are using.
> Reminds me of this whole AmigaOne ordeal.  They are
> going through this
> discussion at a very real level right now.  If you
> are lucky enough to have
> an A1200 or A4000 desktop motherboard in one of the
> few supported
> third-party tower case styles, you will be able to
> install an AmigaOne
> expansion board and run legacy as well as the new
> AmigaOne software.
> However, if you don't (most people don't), you will
> just have to wait for
> the AmigaOne stand-alone computer, which will only
> run very select legacy
> software through emulation.
> I say: New compatibilities and capabilities are a
> great blessing, but the
> legacy we all know and love is compromised at our
> peril.
> Am I just not progressive enough?

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