Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Nate Dannenberg (
Date: 2001-05-01 20:03:08

I'd go for a new motherboard as well, provided I can fit it into my C128
Tower case ;-)

> > The User port is not essential, but would be nice for
> > connecting audio/video digitizers and printer devices
> > which already exist and require it.
> I think a larger "geek port" would be a better
> replacement for the user port.

Why not just have both?  Or better yet, why not make the proverbial "geek
port" an extension of the User Port - you can plug in a standard user port
device directly into one of the connectors that form it, or use the entire
two-connector port, sorta like 8-bit ISA versus 16-bit.

Is there really a lot more that such a port needs?  The existing port
carries one full Parallel Port, two serial ports, an and number of control
lines, power, ground, etc.

The only thing that comes to mind is maybe a second parallel port
equivalent to $DD01, a few signals normally only found inside the C64
(such as R//W or IRQ), and perhaps 4 to 8 address lines to allow the
second port to serve as an expansion port as well as simple I/O (i.e. 16
to 256 registers, using the second parallel port as if it were the Data
Bus and the address lines like a true Address Bus).

I'm thinking a new port would need at the very most, double the number of
pins present on the User Port now.  There'd be no point in adding anymore
ground lines, by the way - four is enough ;)

> > Other desireable features include ETHERNET, IDE,
> > USB,
> ahem... I'm not going to say anything here for sake of
> preventing a flame fest.

Add c'mon ;)

USB would be an interesting idea...

> > I won't be satisfied until I can connect my
> > cable-modem to my Super-64 and browse the web with
> > full graphics  :)
> :) me too.

Agreed :)

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