Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Jeri Ellsworth (
Date: 2001-05-01 17:13:10


> Here are some things to consider when designing a
> the
> mobo.
> If I'm replacing the mobo, I think I'll just setup
> my
> Super-64 in a PC tower case. The new board ought to
> be
> designed with this in mind. Also, there should be a
> connector for a PC keyboard and included logic to
> decode PC keypresses as equivalent C-64 keys. Might
> be
> a good idea to allow people to customize the
> decoding
> matrix too, perhaps by writing the new matrix into a
> PRAM-type area? 
I like the reprogrammable matrix!  I was trying to
figure out a way to find a compromise with the keymap
I'm playing with now to keep everyone happy.

> Make the KERNAL customizeable. Maybe have it copied
> to
> RAM on power-up. Then implement KERNAL patches by
> loading them from the PRAM-type area. Now I can
> customize my KERNAL without loading from disk or
> burning EPROMs  :)
Another good idea. hmmmm..

> The User port is not essential, but would be nice
> for
> connecting audio/video digitizers and printer
> devices
> which already exist and require it.
I think a larger "geek port" would be a better
replacement for the user port.

> Slots are very desireable. They ought to mimic the
> Expansion buss and be switchable as in the
> multi-cart
> expansion boards. Each slot should be fully
> enable/disable controlled by both hardware AND
> software switching. It should be possible to enable
> multiple slots when carts are compatible (of course
> only the user can determine this.) There should be
> nothing stopping me from using my SuperSnapshot and
> SidSynphony simultaneously.
I've sketch out how a "narrow" zorro bus may config on amiga is really cool.

> Other desireable features include ETHERNET, IDE,
> USB,
ahem... I'm not going to say anything here for sake of
preventing a flame fest.

> I won't be satisfied until I can connect my
> cable-modem to my Super-64 and browse the web with
> full graphics  :)
:) me too.


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