Re: Doorst: rechten commodore

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2001-04-27 20:28:08

> > Two remark about emulators:
> > - you don't wear out the original machine
> > - IMHO develloping software for the C= is done
> > easier on a PC; HD, 80
> That's only true if you're using a 6502
> cross-assembler in the PC environment. If you want to
> do your development in the C-64 environment (as I do)
> you're stuck with 40-columns.
Or cc65, which has a nice serial I/O API.  Then test this
under Linux with VICE.

> I don't believe the advent of emulation has encouraged
> much new development for the C-64. Development is tied
> to hardware. Emulators are really good for playing old
> games.
> I won't be happy until I can connect my Super-64 to my
> cable modem and browse the web with full graphics.
> That will only happen with new hardware. Until then,
> I'm stuck with this cursed, icky Windoze box.
This is like the continuation of where Commodore left off...

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