Re: Doorst: rechten commodore

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-04-27 10:31:12

Nick Coplin wrote:

> Atari Lynx hand held. It already has a 16MHz 65C02 processor

[goes off-topic]

Oy. I always believed it used MC68K, since it was developed by the 
father of the Amiga and sold by Atari who already had their ST line.

But as I stated in another discussion board system yesterday, I
don't think a poCket64 will sell very much. On the other hand, 
if Sony reused the PS-One (PlayStation 1) platform and designed
a handheld out of it - it doesn't have to be bigger than a portable
CD player - I think that could sell quite a lot, since there already
exists a decent amount of PS1 games.

/Anders Carlsson
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