RE: Doorst: rechten commodore
Date: 2001-04-27 04:38:32

On my "ever increasing" list of things to investigate is modifying and Atari
Lynx hand held. It already has a 16MHz 65C02 processor and LCD, with mapping
up to 512+kb of ROM. Also the should be fast enough to run a semi-compatible
emulator-on-a-cart as the CPU is near-enough and only the other I/O has to
be simulated with the Mickey and Suzie chips.

- Nick

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> Hallo Dave,
> > Add a board and other parts and we're talking maybe,
> > what, $150-$200 per unit?
> The real C= enthusiast has several C64's as spare. And in my case, $150 or
> more for a commercial product does not appeal to me. Certainly if I
> have about twenty original ones.
> In 1992 I could buy brandnew C64's PLUS datarecorder in Poland for less
> $50. I don't see why a one-IC C64 should cost the triple of it.
I believe a big chunk of the cost would come from a color LCD display panel.

Some of the specs of the soon-to-come-out Gameboy Advance:

SCREEN - Reflective Non-Backlit TFT Color LCD
SCREEN SIZE - 40.8mm X 61.2mm (2.9" Diagonal)
RESOLUTION - 240 X 160 Pixels
DISPLAY - 65,535 Possible; 32,768 bit map mode; 511 character mod
CPU - 16 Mhz 32-bit RISC-CPU (ARM7) + 8bit (Z80) CISC-CPU
MEMORY - 32 Kbyte WRAM + 96 Kbyte VRAM (in CPU)
MEMORY - 256 Kbyte WRAM (external of CPU)
SOUND - Built-in Speaker (Mono), Headphone (Stereo)
LINK PLAY - 4 Players GBA, 2 Players GB/GBC
POWER - 2 "AA" Batteries (15-20 Hours)
SIZE - 82mm length X 144.5mm width X 24.5mm thick
WEIGHT - About 140g
CART SIZE - 34.5mm X 60mm (32 MB Max)
BUTTONS - 4 + Start & Select
EFFECTS - Scaling, Rotation, and Transparency Effects
SPRITES - 256 per line, 4096 max
PRICE - $95.00 US
RELEASE - March 21, 2001 (Japan), July 2001 (US)

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