Re: PC20-III
Date: 2001-04-17 20:34:46

Hallo Christopher,

> [Someone else said:]     That was ME :)

> > > Some centuries ago there existed PC's which had a BIOS which didn't 
> know of
> > > the existance of harddisk at all. Then came the AT with some 
> preprogrammed
> > > types. The one you mean is type 4: 620 tracks, 4 heads, 17 sectors. 
> Those
> One of the "features" of the XT over the original PC was the addition
> of hard disk support to the BIOS.

Nope. The PC was equiped with two 360 KB drives. The PC was equiped with an 
harddisk. But the the software was found in a ROM in the area starting from 
$C800:0 to $F000:0 (or $E000:0? 10 years ago I knew for sure). I still have 
one of these original IBM HD-controllers.

> (To another someone else: all PC's have BIOS, but not all have the SETUP
> program in ROM.)

The so called SETUP can be start up in debug with "G=C800:5" (or 6, depends 
on factory)

Groetjes, Ruud

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