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Date: 2001-04-17 20:10:37

>>>>> "gb" == g baltissen <> writes:

gb> Hallo allemaal, I received a Commodore CDTV for free this
gb> afternoon. I only got the black metal case. "only" because the
gb> front says "Remote" so I presume there should be a remote conrol
gb> with it, and the back has a PS/2 like input for a keyboard.

Yes, there's a gamepad-like remote for it.

gb> I know you can put CD's in it and that's all I know. I opened it
gb> and saw familiar IC's like the 68000, 8520 and 6526.

gb> Some questions: - What exactly is it?

Basically an A500 with an A570 CD-ROM drive and 0.5 or 1 MB of memory.

gb> - What kind if CD's must be put in it?

Bootable Amiga CDs. There are some CDTV-specific titles out there, and
some CD32-titles were also CDTV compatible. It also plays audio CDs.

gb> - The keyboard input misses one hole. I haven't the specs by hand
gb> so I cannot tell if this pin is not used with a real PS/2
gb> keyboard. What keyboard can I attach?

I don't remember, but it might be the same as the one used on A3000s.

gb> - Has it some value, I mean as collector item?

Well, it's an A500 in a cool case. They show up on eBay every now and

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