Re: Build your own REU
Date: 2001-04-14 18:02:05

Hallo David,

> The 8237 doesnt have to stick to ISA timing if its not on an isa bus ;)
> Have a look at its data sheets.  Even if it did, feed it the dotlcock,
> divided by 2.  4mhz.  one transfer per c64 bus cycle. voila. synchronized
> too ;)

1) As already said in other mail, with 4 MHz the read/write signals are too 
short IMHO. But I realy honnestly hope that I am wrong.

2) A second look at fig 12: what about the size of the datawindows

3) And if the above doesn't matter, how are you able to program the 8237 so 
that that particular step happens exactly at the right point and not in the 
middle of the low half of CLK2?

> Always appreciated.  Sometimes discouraging, but still appreciated.

Only discouraging for the moment I fear :(

Groetjes, Ruud

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