Re: Build your own REU
Date: 2001-04-14 08:47:50

On Fri, 13 Apr 101 wrote:

> Hallo Levente,
> > With emulating a REU, did you mean using some DMA controllers (8237) +
> > TTL chips + the like, and using a microcontroller to 'organize' this
> > bunch? If so, it should be possible. ...At least, as long as you can
> > make these components work together.
> Yes, but I spread the idea before I knew that the 8237 needs four cyclus 
> for every action. Read my mail to David to see what this means :(

The 8237 doesnt have to stick to ISA timing if its not on an isa bus ;)
Have a look at its data sheets.  Even if it did, feed it the dotlcock,
divided by 2.  4mhz.  one transfer per c64 bus cycle. voila. synchronized
too ;)

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