RE: PCcard (2)
Date: 2001-04-12 01:45:12

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 wrote:

> >I'd like to use this on my SCPU in the future.  Stay out of the vicII
> mirror
> >space.  However, feel welcome to use d700
> As far as I know, the SCPU only writes through to the VIC at $D000, and none
> of its mirrors. It's given as #1 recommendation when programming for SCPU
> compatibility.
> Having said that, it is possible that all non-standard writes in the I/O
> region will be lost by the SCPU, and so only DE00-DFFF are only valid use by
> this and other projects.  Can someone who has a SCPU and 2nd SID at d700
> confirm this???

It's commonly known that there's memory at page $d3, as well as the SCPU I/O
reg's someplace in $d00-d300.  As for the rest of the region, I dont know
where the reads or writes go.  They might go to the static ram underneath,
but I doubt it.  Otherwise, afaik, all I/O writes to d400-d7ff as well as
de00-dfff go out the card edge on both sides.

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