Re[2]: Article PC-card

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2001-04-06 09:41:49

Hello Ruud,

RB> I mean 8 bit transfer to port A of the VIA. AFAIK the 6526 can only read a
RB> port, the VIA can latch the data on the port. I intend to use it for the 16
RB> bit transfer for an ISA-card: D0..7 are read by the CPU, D8..15 by a port.

No. 6526 has also input data latching. VIA has also a register w/o
handshake control.

>> I can dig it up. I even have the working board somewhere with 65c22. I
>> can send you the scanned pages (in german), that I used for design.

RB> This triggered the thought that the 64'er published an article about it. But
RB> which magasine??? I would be happy anyway with the article, thanks.

Okey. I found it. It's not a 64'er article. It was scanned from book.
BTW, I forgot who was sent to me.

Anyway the zipped pages are just online. You can DL it from:

I also checked my schematics and so used only a 1/2 74LS74 to drive phi2
of 6522 and no more gates for delay.

Best regards,

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