RE: Article PC-card
Date: 2001-04-03 22:33:47

Hallo Ethan,

> but there are drivers for IDE, network cards of various flavors (NE2000, 
> 3c503, 3c509 and 80x3, primarily), serial ports, printer ports and a few 
> odd devices under AmigaDOS and UNIX.

Are the sources of the drivers available?

> and use a 64Kb AUTOCONFIG block rather than a 1Mb block for those A2000
> users who want a full 8Mb of RAM in their systems).

I'm not familiar enough with the Amiga to understand this "64Kb AUTOCONFIG".

> If this discussion ever results in any hardware being designed, I'd love 
> to build one. 

I don't know if you have the original mail starting this discussion. This 
article is based on a real card build in 1988. Unfortunally it was lost 
during a moving.

The Amiga supports 16 bit, the C64 and almost all other C='s don't :( 
Writing the above lines, I got the idea to use a 6522 for the upper 8 
databits. This is it has this feature being able to latch data. This 
feature is used in the 1541 (and maybe other drives as well).

- I studied the Prog. Ref. Guide but couldn't find this feature so I may 
asume that it is not on the 6526. Can anybody confirm, please?
- I know it is possible to connect a 6522 to a C64 and Frank wrote an 
article about it, but cannot find it :( Can anybody tell me where to find 
it, please?

Groetjes, Ruud

Groetjes, Ruud

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