Re: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe (fwd)

From: Lance Lyon (
Date: 2001-03-31 09:18:35

> Nowadays Aldi sells PCs from time to time, just last week they had one for
> 2300 :-) When they offered the first PC a few years ago, people were like
> crazy because it was so cheap. There were long queues at the doors before
> Aldi opened, and here in my hometown one customer threatened another one
> a (fake) gun to get the last PC they had.

This is O/T, but as an aside, they've just opened in Australia & were very
unhappy that our ACCC (Australian Competion & Consumer Commission) required
that they accept EFTPOS, apparently it's against their corporate culture.
They've run into a few problems with not stocking competive items as
well.....  oh well.....



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