Re: VIC-20 "all games in one" cartridge update

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 2001-03-30 15:05:02

Marko Mäkelä wrote:> 
> My question is: how many people would be interested in this cartridge, and
> how many have the skills and equipment to (a) manufacture, and (b)
> assemble the printed circuit board?  This will be a freeware product, 

An SMD PCB isn't that easy to make as a hobbyist. If the board size
is tolerable (eurocard 10x16cm or under) it won't cost that much to
make professionally. But of course, that is only in relative terms.
Expect starting fees of 1000-1500 FIM and a price of 20-30 FIM per
PCB when produced in batches of 50-100 pcs. Not too expensive but
someone will still have to pay for it. (FIM to Euro: divide by 
5.94573; FIM to USD varies but right now divide by 6.732.) 

Of course there are bigger proto-PCB houses around the globe, like
at and others, in Finland there's and in Estonia places like and so on. I'll gladly assist you when the
time comes.

> since I think that SMD chips and boards are difficult to handle without
> expensive equipment, it would be good to have the boards professionally
> produced somewhere.  If someone knows a cheap place for doing this (I

The chips will be pretty easy to solder in, unless there are BGA
chips on the board (in that case - forget it!) I've soldered many
0.63mm-pitch chips with an ordinary fine-tipped 50W soldering iron
and fine solder, and solder wick for the occasional mistakes.
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