Re: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-03-30 12:23:24

I also think someone has attempted a conversion job on this machine.

Some thins that you could try:

- There is a frequency adjustment near the clock crystal that can be used to
tune the color frequency. Adjusting this can bring the color back.

- Is the 1084 monitor configured correctly? If the composite video out of the
C64 is used, the 1084 has to be set to CVBS video with a switch. If it is set
to LCA, it is possible that it will only display b/w. The picture quality
would be better if a video cable with split luminance/chrominance signal is
used, and the 1084 set to LCA video.

- As Nick said, the modulator type is to be checked. Using the NTSC modulator
with a PAL video chip can lead to strange results. The DIN video output will
be fine, though.

- the slow startup is not a problem: Old versions of the 64 took longer than
new versions, this is a change in the Reset timing circuit around the NE556
(which is not there in new versions anyway, I think). You might be used to a
newer version.

To Nick: A whole batch of "Aldi" 64s were 'made in USA', with a production
date of 1987 and the small version E board inside. They all were sold in
Germany and of course they were PAL machines.

Nicolas wrote:
> Displaying any NTSC signal on a PAL monotor will show up as grey...
> Is it possible that some one has previously attempted to convert it from a
> NTSC machine to PAL and not quit got it right? Especially as it has a "made
> in USA" sticker?? I have never heard of PAL machines built as late as 1985
> being built in the US. All the ones I've seen are Hong Kong, UK or Germany.
> The RF box on a NTSC machine has a chanel select switch, whereas PAL
> machines don't. Has this been checked?
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> Subject: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe (fwd)
> Hello Adrian,
> I'm forwarding your question to the cbm-hackers mailing list.  Hopefully
> someone (Nicolas?) is able to help you.
> [Additional information: the video chip is 6569R3 or R5, and the crystal
> is 17.734472 MHz.  So, this should be a PAL machine, but perhaps the
> frequency is a little off, and thus no colors are displayed.]
>         Marko
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> Subject: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe
> Hi Marko,
> i have following problem: I have c64 (board assy n.250425) with Made in USA
> on back of machine, which looks like being assembled in 1985. Memory
> location 678 is saying '1' which i think should be PAL machine. Jumper on
> board (Short-PAL , Open-NTSC) is shorted (connected by Cu-Wire). But when i
> have connected it to TV (which is capable of displaying NTSC signal anyway)
> picture si grey scale only !!, even when connected by DIN output (Video out
> pin) to video input of Commodore 1084 monitor picture is still grey scale
> only (no colors). Where is problem ?? (i also notified that startup of
> machine lasts little longer than normally screen about 2sec and then
> startup ..basic 38911 etc ...).
> Thanks in advance.
> Adrian
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