RE: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe (fwd)
Date: 2001-03-30 12:05:30

Displaying any NTSC signal on a PAL monotor will show up as grey... 

Is it possible that some one has previously attempted to convert it from a
NTSC machine to PAL and not quit got it right? Especially as it has a "made
in USA" sticker?? I have never heard of PAL machines built as late as 1985
being built in the US. All the ones I've seen are Hong Kong, UK or Germany.

The RF box on a NTSC machine has a chanel select switch, whereas PAL
machines don't. Has this been checked?

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Subject: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe (fwd)

Hello Adrian,

I'm forwarding your question to the cbm-hackers mailing list.  Hopefully
someone (Nicolas?) is able to help you.

[Additional information: the video chip is 6569R3 or R5, and the crystal
is 17.734472 MHz.  So, this should be a PAL machine, but perhaps the
frequency is a little off, and thus no colors are displayed.]

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Subject: Some PAL/NTSC c64 problem ...maybe

Hi Marko,
i have following problem: I have c64 (board assy n.250425) with Made in USA
on back of machine, which looks like being assembled in 1985. Memory
location 678 is saying '1' which i think should be PAL machine. Jumper on
board (Short-PAL , Open-NTSC) is shorted (connected by Cu-Wire). But when i
have connected it to TV (which is capable of displaying NTSC signal anyway)
picture si grey scale only !!, even when connected by DIN output (Video out
pin) to video input of Commodore 1084 monitor picture is still grey scale
only (no colors). Where is problem ?? (i also notified that startup of
machine lasts little longer than normally screen about 2sec and then
startup ..basic 38911 etc ...).
Thanks in advance.

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