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Date: 2001-03-18 15:05:50


Lance Lyon írta:
> Ummm, what are we supposed to be looking at exactly ???

Some time ago there went a discussion on this list about TCP/IP and web
functions, for Commodore.

The device they offer is a standalone unit with TCP/IP and webserver
capabilities in one (+ lots of other features). It is based on an Atmel
microcontroller + an NE2000 compatible Ethernet controller chip
(Rtl8029? if I'm right). It can be connected directly to a LAN, while,
on the other side, it features an RS-232 connection.

I'm not sure about all its details, but it lite a lamp - this is
something that could be useful for someone with C= + internet plans.

I've also seen some similar embedded stuff examples, if we're at the
" This code runs on a PIC16F877 that is attached to a standard PC
ethernet card (NE2000 compatible) and allows the microcontroller to act
as an HTTP (web) server. (Source code in C, sch in a GIF file)"
IPic - A Match Head Sized Web-Server
Actually, it is an SO-8 PIC12C509 microcontroller, with 1kword of code
memory, no hardware interrupt and UART capabilities :-O ... SLIP
connection, 115kbit/sec. Communication is realized with bit-banging. It
is 'the previous record holder'...
WEBace - webserver in an 8-pin Fairchild microcontroller (SLIP).
Actually, it's online even now, you can check it via a link from this
page ;-) (it's online since 1999 :-O ).
Another PIC based webserver, that was capable to run on a 'battery'
formed by SIX POTATOES for about 2 weeks :-O. (People seem to have too
much freetime... ;-) ).

Well, that's true, their design couldn't be 'used' all-in-one in the
subject of our beloved computers, since 'we' rather need a web browser /
e-mailer and the like (applications) - but they're probably good
examples of how small a simplified TCP/IP stack could be (and the
PicoWeb stuff could be even more useful, since it could solve all
Ethernet interfacing and TCP/IP stack related problems in one unit).
...I'm not playing with the idea of doing some net activities from a
Commodore, but someone on this list could.

(I've seen links from one of these pages to Andre's pages with his
6502 operating system, and LUnix :-D. Well, that's the spirit...)

Best regards,


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