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From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2001-03-15 13:05:30

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Subject: Re: Searching for a TED

> Couldn't you have asked that some weeks before???? Then I offered
about 10
> of these for free. I am rethinking about not charging you the costs :)

Some weeks before I didn't knew what a plus/4 was ;-)
I can pay the shipping, if it is a problem.

> Address please. (No, I don't file addresses unless stated. We even
have a
> law for this here in NL)

Daniele Gratteri
Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 81
41100 Modena (MO)

How many TEDs can you send me?
If you can, I need two of them (one is for a friend).

        Daniele Gratteri (
           (ICQ N 53943994 - FIAT1100D in IRC)

                  CBM & AMIGA FOREVER!

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