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From: Ruud Baltissen (Ruud.Baltissen_at_abp.nl)
Date: 2001-03-15 11:43:33


Tuning 64

How to build it 1.0


Blank page

Page/Seite 3

1.1  RTMF

1.2  Garantee + addresses

Page/Seite 4

Address for the Netherlands

About the package

1.3  Telephonenumber for general questions

Page/Seite 5

1.4  About technical questions

1.5  How to handle in case of reparations

Page/Seite 6

1.6  Questions about the transport

1.7  Looking for dealers

1.8  Our shop

Page/Seite 7

1.9  Who is responcible for the text

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2  General items

2.1  Forword

It took us two years to devellop this card because we wanted to accelerate
the C64 four fold only using a card in the expansionport.

We had a lot trouble during the design because of minor (timing)

To make it difficult to copy the design, we removed the code of the ICs.
(personal remark: not with my card)

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2.2  Contents of package

3  Important notes

Just take care of several things when building the card.

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4  How to build the card

Page/Seite 14

5  Starting the card

5.1  The C64 has to be in its original state. No expansions etc.

5.2  Set DIP-Swith (from now on S) 1 to OFF. Turn all variable resistors
(VR) clockwise to the end. Put the card in the expansionport and turn the
C64 on.

5.3  The C64 must now show the original start-up screen. If not, check the
circuit for errors. Remark: an empty accu can draw so much current at
start-up that this can cause the C64 not to start up. Wait some time and
press the reset-button.

Page/Seite 15

5.4  If the C64 starts correct, use the following setting:

    S1  S2  S3  S4  S5  S6  S7  S8

Push the reset button. Now you should see a start-up screen for the Tuning
64. If not, check the circuits for errors.

5.5  Set S5 to OFF and push RESET. Now another Operating System must show
up. Set S5 to ON again.

5.6  Set S4 to ON and push RESET. Nothing should be seen now. Set S4 to OFF

Page/Seite 16

5.7  Please typ following program:

10 PRINT I,I,I : I = I + 1 : GOTO 10

If you press RUN now, the C64 will display numbers to the screen with an
incredible speed.
Setting S7 to OFF, the speed will decrease; the C64 runs with its native
speed. Set S7 to ON again.

5.8  Set S2 to ON. Now you can change the clockspeed from 100 KHz to 3.2 MHz
using VR3.
If during scrolling the screen some numbers appear with the wrong color, use
VR1 and VR2 to correct this problem. Unfortunally this does not always work
with every C64. This is not a problem of Tuning 64 but a malfunction of your
C64. See your handbook.

Set S2 to OFF again.

Page/Seite 17

5.9 Set DIP-switches as in 5.4, press CTRL-D to get a directory.

5.10  Now work yourself through the complete handbook.
As the RAMs are fed through accus, formerly loaded programs can cause the
Tuning 64 not to start up. Press the CTRL-key during the reset so the C64
will ignore the autostartcode (CBM80). Pressing "<-" during a reset will
clear the contents of the RAM; make sure S5 is ON.

Page/Seite 18

5.11  If the Tuning 64 still doesn't work, send it to us.

Enjoy !!!

Page/Seite 19

Layout of the card

Page/Seite 20

Streetplan of Koeln


Groetjes, Ruud


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