Re: Informations about JiffyDOS

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-15 02:06:34

All you do is swap in the new ROM IC. You'll have to
drill a hole in your 1541s case to attach the
enable/disable switch. Probably better to put the
switch in the bottom half of the shell.

Yes, the drive should work fine on a VIC-20. I never
had problems using my drive on both, anyway. You won't
get any speed enhancement from a VIC-20 unless you
burn a new KERNAL ROM for the computer to use the
accellerated DOS routines!

You probably already know that the command listed in
Commodore literature 'U-' to set the drive for VIC-20
speed is unnecessary. The 1541 works with the VIC-20
right out of the box!

15 years of experience has shown that JiffyDOS is
compatible with 99% of software and accelerates a
large percentage of that!

When compatibility problems DO happen, its usually
with the C-64 KERNAL. To fix these issues, you
occasionally have to kill the DOS wedge, or switch the
C-64 back to stock KERNAL. Its available by moving the
switch on the c-64 to disale JiffyDOS.

I cannot recall EVER having to disable the JiffyDOS
ROM in my 1541 to run a program. I've only ever done
it for experimental purposes. This is because the 1541
JiffyKERNAL autodetects what version of the computer
KERNAL is online. It switches to slow/compatible
operation whenever the C-64 JiffyKERNAL is NOT online.

--- Daniele Gratteri <>
> Hello,
> Can you tell me how it does into a 1541 floppy disk
> drive?
> Can a 1541 equipped with JiffyDOS work with a VIC 20
> computer?
> Ciao!
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