RE: Informations about JiffyDOS
Date: 2001-03-15 10:31:24

>You probably already know that the command listed in
>Commodore literature 'U-' to set the drive for VIC-20
>speed is unnecessary. The 1541 works with the VIC-20
>right out of the box!

Using the UI- option does however provide a speedup for the VIC20 in that it
avoids the drive having to wait 60us instead of 20us for every data bit sent
(the extra 40us is required on the C64 because of the VIC-II stolen cycles).
Hence use UI- if you want a "free" floppy speeder for your VIC20.

Also, from what I've read "burst mode" was intended for the VIC20, but a
fault in the 6522 design meant it was cancelled...


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