Re: jeri's board - memory

From: Nathan Smith (
Date: 2001-03-13 12:37:13

If this great board (I would maybe buy it but I don't expect it to be less
than US$100) was to have SID emulation then maybe just a switch some how
used to limit software problems and maybe emulating stereo SIDs. As for 16
bit vs 24 bit? 24 bit. It would be logical to divide it up into 3 8 bit RGB
values - 8bits for each colour. How is 16bit done?

I am thinking it would be far easier to program for if we just needed 8bit
RGB values (total 24bit) and enable easier handling of other gfx (PC based)
formats or even new demo effects. Maybe even just 256 colour mode with
adjustable 24RGB values for each colour. It would be far easier to code fade
effects etc.
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