Re: jeri's board - memory

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-13 12:38:05

Hiya Nate!

--- Nate Dannenberg <> wrote:
> > If Jeri will include a 65816 option in the board,
> it will make things
> > easier for programmers who depend on the '816. I'm
> hoping she will try
> > it :-)
> The more I think about it, the less enticing a 65816
> option seems to me,
> of course I have a Super CPU :-)

Umm, I did say OPTION. So, I suppose, the emulated
6510 would still be the controlling CPU unless a 65816
was plugged into the socket designated for it.

I like your idea of the card restricting its function
to that of a video controller when a SuperCPU is
present. I don't have any idea how that could be done
though. Too many unknowns about how the SuperCPU ties
itself to the system.

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