Re: jeri's board - memory

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 2001-03-12 19:24:39

I'd tend to think that most people really clamouring for the
improved video have already bought (invested in) a SCPU, so
a faster 65xx doesn't really appeal much.

The new OSes being developed are made with the 65816 in mind -
I really don't think these fellows would want to go back to
the 65(C)02 when developing an OS.  All of Maurice's new
devlopments *rely* on the 65816 - the web browser, his new
assembler, and the new Wheels SC.  JOS and CLIPS also depend
on the 65816.

We'd all like to be able to use VGA monitors with our computers.
We'd all like a more flexible display - 16-bit colour, our choice
of resolutions.  But I don't think any of us want to throw out
our SCPUs - especially the 65816.

That said, I'm very interested in whatever Jeri produces - I'll
buy one, and play with it.
Robin Harbron
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