Re: jeri's board - memory

From: Jeri Ellsworth (
Date: 2001-03-12 19:00:58

  I hope to have both the CPU and the VIC have access
to all 16 megs or more, but working with SDRAM is a
total nightmare.  The stuff needs four cycles to set
up for even the first transaction and then can be
bursted out at 133 mhz one per cycle, however if you
need totally random access(which the vic needs)then it
takes the 133 mhz bandwidth and divides it by six ==
22 mhz bandwidth.  I may have to add sram cache and
burst 64k at a time in and out.  
  I'm not worried about the SDRAM at this point.  I
have my prototype using the only real memory sram's :)


   Bryan Pope  wrote: Will the 16MB of memory be
directly accessible by both the 6502 and SuperVIC? Or
will we have video RAM and CPU RAM?Bryan-This message
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