Re: Jboard...Bleah...
Date: 2001-03-11 05:03:58

On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Dave R. wrote:

> 10.  Mounts INside the 64, INcreases speed and resolution?  The IN-board.

Want some wine with that cheese? ;)

>   9.  C=^2 (Commodore to the power of two).

C squared. Nice.

>   8.  Since it plugs directly into the 64's motherboard, it's a Direct 
> Acceleration Resolution Technology (DART) board.

Dual Asynchronous Reciever/Transmitter.  Lets not use acronyms already in

>   7.  Kaliedascope.

Too childish? Naw.. not for our lil' c64.

>   6.  Performance Accelerator/Resolution, Output, Logic Enhancer.  Don't 
> find yourself feeling like you were before the PAROLE board.

(getting up off the floor)

>   5.  Fantastic Internal Video Expander.
>   4.  New Technology Rapid Upgraded System.  Give your Wheels a shot of 
> NiTRoUS!
>   3.  Bob.

Bob Dobbs? (is Dobbs Bob?)

>   2.  The Amigas have a Picasso card, why not an Escher for us?

That's twisted <bada bump!>

>   1.  Revolutionary Accelerator/Video Enhancer.  RAVE on!

So, lets post this some place and have a vote.

> We now return to our regularly-scheduled hacking.

Sigh.  I miss our hacking sessions in #dac ;)

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