Re: 6502 core / 128 mode (re: J-Board) (fwd)

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2001-03-11 02:16:22

John West McKenna schrieb:

> rbernardo bounced this from Jeri:
> >I wanted to let everyone know that the 6502 core I'm planning on using
> >does not have the 65c816 instruction sub set. :(   (
> That doesn't bother me at all.  I always thought the 65816 was
> exceptionally ugly.  I realise it's probably much too late, but you might
> like to have a look at
> Actually, probably much too late and way over your gate budget.  But I live
> in hope that one day someone will implement it :-)

Acorn's ARM-Cpus are also a good Example, of how to enhance a
6502 without going the "65816-Way".

A License-free 6502 core can be found at

Andre Kaesmacher

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