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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-03-01 12:54:29

>>>>> "CA" == Carlsson, Anders <> writes:

RB> can the email programs you use handle base64 attachments as well?

CA> I'm using two different email programs. RMAIL in Emacs don't know
CA> attachments (at least not the old, unpatched version I'm using).
CA> Pine on the other hand deals with attachments very fine, and might
CA> even be able to display the simpler ones right away.

All mail readers that have been updated in the last 3-4 years or so
support attachments. pine, mutt, elm, vm, gnus, etc do, and I can't
imagine that any of the graphical mailreaders don't. Attachments are a
part of the MIME standard, it's not some proprietary Windows inven-

CA> When I get an attachment, I export the mail in Unix mailbox format
CA> to a separate file, and runs Pine on that single folder to extract
CA> the contents. Otherwise, there should be plenty of stand-alone
CA> base64 decoders.

Yes, mmencode should be on your system. Just pipe the base64 data
through mmencode -u.

CA> (yes, I know there might be extentions to RMAIL, as well as the
CA> option to switch to Gnus, but I haven't had the motivation to find
CA> a better solution)

Try vm, gnus seems more suited for mailing lists.

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